Partnership: Co-Branding and Licensing

The hottest brand in Brazil invests in partnerships to innovate, democratize and profit from its creations. Major national and international brands, also prestigious art collectives, designers and musicians such as The BeatlesRamones, Amy Winehouse, Kravitz Design, Yatch, Doze Green, and Big Freddia have collaborated with Chilli Beans.


The brand’s creations are increasingly aligned with the trends of Brazilian fashion. With Project Runway, Chilli Beans works with Brazil’s most influential designers to develop the models of glasses that are presented in their fashion shows in the main events of the fashion calendar: Blue Man, Salinas, Gloria Coelho, Carlota Joakina, Herchcovitch, Auslander, Ronaldo Fraga, Isabella Capeto and others are among the designers and brands that have been modeled through this partnership.


Chilli Beans operates in partnership with brands aligned with its mission and values. Chilli Beans licensee has full support and can benefit from all the advantages the brand offers: its innovative speed and knowledge of the market.

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